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Henry J Dryovage Jr | Instructor

Detroit's Busiest Animator!

Student work | Samples of work done by students

DMA || classes held at UofM Ann Arbor for a program developed by Stanford University.

JCC || classes helt at Jackson Community College, 3D Design & Animation

MGC || classes held at the Marygrove College

WCC || classes held at Washtenaw Community College, Texture and Lighting undergraduate credit course

WCCCD || classes held at Wayne County Community College, Associate two year program

WCCCD | Game || classes held at Wayne County Community College, Game and Animation associate two year certification program.

Educational ToolsSome podcasts for students to review exercise covered in class

Must have Dropbox account click here to get one for **FREE**

Maya || Several basic instructional videos on tools in Maya

Photoshop || Basic instructional videos on Photoshop for my graphic desing class-projects

XNA | 3D Game Development video course from Microsoft.

Live Scribe | audio-pen recorder, must have, "must have!". You must get one of these.

Educator Toolsin addition to the tools for students as instructor' I also use these.

HOW2 edit sound for podcast using Audacity | Tutorial for Podcasting

TeacherTube | upload your portfolion HERE!

HOW2 Text to speach Natural Reader | TTS, text to speach. YouTube

HOW2 video on Sketchbook Pro for the Artist. my work environment demo...

How 2 LINK page ...

The MILLINNIALS exerb from

Career Toolsin addition to the best education possible, how else to prepare for creative careers

careerealism the site the site

Black Girls Code | Participation FAQ

Accolades | Henry J Dryovage Jr has been busy

Bio || I have used "Detroit's Busiest" in the Google search... to find this page.
Certificate || awards and other personal accomplishment documents
Curriculum Vita ||  (Recommendations available upon request)

My work - Portfolios |

CG Rendering || site developed to show automotive rendering capability, lead to hire at Chrysler
Animation || work in progress to show animation skills


Current course info:

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